The Real Deal On NFLP FAQ's

How does the National Farm Leadership Program help participants be more successful?

 The short answer:

The NFLP equips and supports participants to take actions that create the outcomes they desire over time. 

The real answer:

We help you identify what your opportunity or challenge is.  What do you see coming that you want to be ready for?  What are you trying to overcome? Each participant focuses on first preparing, and then taking action .

We determine what your current leadership capacity is and build from there.  This saves time and improves outcomes because it:

  • Boosts your awareness of yourself and your situation.
  • Allows you to quickly apply what you learn to your current circumstance.

We focus on the person, so they can work on their business or career:

  • Realize they are capable of engaging challenging issues and big opportunities.
  • Understand that “striving” is the hardest approach, and that it’s also unscaleable and unsustainable. 
  • Understand how they can authentically be way more than they are right now, and becoming more of who they are, gives a big boost in effectiveness, range, adaptability.

We also teach practical tools and techniques that improve critical performance areas such as strategic focus, goal setting, decisiveness, confidence, engaging & navigating complex issues, handling emotional or difficult people (including yourself), developing & mentoring others, and developing & maintaining resiliency. Altogether, the NFLP supports the growth of a complete person capable of successfully navigating whatever opportunity or challenge has brought them into the program.

Every participant designs their own practice to support their development. The design of the practice is detailed and coach reviewed for the best result possible.  The LeaderLab enables your plan to be easily updated for more effective practice and coaching. 

Practice the practice.  Obvious, but practice determines growth.  This is the most challenging part, and why support is essential.

Support, support, support.  Growth is hard, so the NFLP provides layers of support to  participants:

  • Cohort design: You belong to a network of people just like you.
  • Residency: No lectures, videos, PowerPoints or sponsor addresses – just practice with your cohort.
  • Monthly group coaching for one year to stay connected and report on progress. It provides both accountability and support.
  • Monthly one on one coaching with qualified coaches on short notice for one year.
  • LeaderLab. Open 24/7 to stay connected with your cohort and access your information whenever, wherever. 
  • LeaderShift App:  Your program, community, and coach in your pocket.

Can the NFLP help with business transition ?

 The short answer:

Yes. One person, with the right training can have a positive impact.

Transitioning a family business is for many, the most consequential business challenge they will face.  For others, it will be one of many events that will require personal and professional growth for success.

Business transition is a complicated process that can (and has) put technical solutions such as insurance, trusts, shareholder loans, and tax strategy ahead of the readiness of everyone involved.

We have seen the NFLP support farm transition because:

It helped “transitioning out” participants to get clear on their intentions and desires for the farm and for themselves post transition.

It helped “transitioning in” participants perform more effectively which built their confidence and the trust of their family.

It helped ensure the business is transferring to ready and able hands.

It supported their ability to stay in uncomfortable situations and compassionately hold their ground when emotions ran high.

How does the NFLP compare to other programs ?

We don’t have an accurate way to compare programs and realize that makes it hard for people deciding how to proceed.

We suggest contacting us for a discussion so you can determine if our program is what you are looking for.

We can supply references upon request.

We can say that our system follows what the latest research indicates will have the best result for our participants. Our program has evolved as we’ve applied new methods and design.

I’m skeptical. Do programs like these make a difference ?

Great Question! It seems that some do, but many don’t.

From our experience there are two critical elements needed to achieve performance increases: an engaged participant and a great program.  Both take commitment.

We can also say that much of the current work within the field is focused on training effectiveness. Why? What makes an effective leader is well understood and can be measured and benchmarked (yes, that’s possible today), not unlike a soil test or financial statements. The long-standing difficulty lies in increasing participant performance.

Its important to mention why increasing leader effectiveness matters. Studies have shown that the top 25% of assessed leaders typically run businesses that produce 3.5X the total return to shareholders than bottom 25% of leaders.  Improving your leadership effectiveness is an absolute game changer.  Even a modest increase will have a pay back many times the financial cost.

There is a difference between a development program, such as ours, and a content focused program:  Impact.  Many content focused programs end just when participants are starting to think about how they might apply what they have heard, but without a plan, skill development and support, its unlikely to make any difference. Reading carefully, many make no claim of increasing performance, so a well founded skepticism around the value is justified. Almost all are delivered within a time too fast for most participants to apply what has been delivered. They’re insightful but not impactful.

Measurable and impactful increases in effectiveness happen for many of our participants. Please see our answer above and our testimonials to get a sense of how our program works and has been performing. You will note that our program is neither fast nor inexpensive. Those who fully engage, see a strong return on their commitment.