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LinkedIn Article: A Leader Capable of Building Partnership

LinkedIn Article: Why advisors and their clients should care about leader development
Farm CEO: Women farm executives: “Women are showing up in business, and what they are doing is working. It should be seen as a model for all of us.”
Farm CEO: Develop leaders, not labourers: Allowing people to safely struggle is good. Let them know you are there for support, but they’re expected to figure it out and get it done
Farm CEO: The complete farm executive: What does the basic mindset of a farm CEO look like? I’m currently using a three-factor model to describe what I think makes a highly effective farm executive. 
Farm CEO: Culture Matters: Are you paying attention to the culture of your farm or farm business?
Become a Farm CEO: Why make the shift?
Leader development versus the quick fix: Management without leadership is like tightening a nut with no wrench on the bolt head
Leader effectiveness meets the leader
Leader effectiveness meets the leader (Part 1): Good leadership points you in the direction of building a successful business
Characteristics of highly effective leadership leadership (Part 2)
Six traits of highly effective leadership: It’s not enough to know something. The difference is whether you practise these skills or not
Leader effectiveness deconstructed: Leadership matters most in tough times … Will we have what it takes when we need it most?
Leader development explained
The difference maker: on-farm leadership: On-farm leadership is the X-factor that can be quantified and developed into competitive advantage