Def’n: noun;  the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.



a map for working with people and getting results


Discover a way out of silence, argument, and unproductive behavior.


 Are You . . .

Looking for a better way to work with family, co-workers, employees, external professionals?

Looking to understand the human side of the business?

Moving into a leadership role or embarking on a major change like expansion or business transition?

Thinking you want a warm up before applying to the National Farm Leadership Program?

InSight can help.

Discover How To: 

Identify behaviors that cost time, energy and results

Learn practical tools to shift your behavior for better results.

Strategically move towards the outcomes you want.

Build Your InSight

    Program Design

A few hours per week over four weeks: a comfortable pace to fit into a busy schedule and enough time for your mind to shift.  

Online: accessible from anywhere.

Each Week:

        90 min+ interactive sessions with your coach and participants.

        LeaderLab – Audio/video lessons and workbook accessible through LeaderShift          App or PC – learn & engage anywhere, anytime.

Save on Tuition! 

LeaderShift InSight is eligible for cost-share funding for farmers in SK, MB, NB, NL, PEI, YT.  Check with your provincial Ministry of Agriculture for eligibility requirements and see our link when you register.


The Canada Job Grant is a federal incentive that helps reduce the costs associated with third-party training programs. Support varies from province to province. In most provinces, a business can receive up to 50-100% of eligible training costs to implement training programs that lead to improved skill sets.

Build Your InSight

LeaderShift InSight

 start creating the outcomes you want.