“Developing your leadership is hard enough using the latest science, learning models and peer and professional coaching. In fact, it can be really tough, but the payoff is the capacity to handle anything life and business can throw at you – and to truly get what you want in a way you can be proud of.”  

“DIY programs and episodic professional development by design cannot have the impact to develop someone’s leadership to the point its visible on the bottom line – those levers are neither strong enough, or long enough.”

Kelly Dobson, President LeaderShift Inc.

Connect – Support – Learn – Grow – Perform – Thrive

Most small business owners and managers struggle to take the necessary time to develop their own leadership, work on their businesses, and access the necessary support. LeaderShift leverages your time by doing all the organizing, providing a private social network of professionals just like you, and access to the technical expertise you need.

LeaderShift – Network provides on demand coaching throughout the year, and quarterly offsite professional development exclusive to its participants. Achieve your goals with the support of LeaderShift – Network.

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