Take charge.


All the advice in the world doesn’t change the fact that it’s up to you.


Leadership can’t be outsourced, but it can be developed.


Farm Management Canada’s Leader Development Program


Open to anyone in agriculture. 

Business Owners

 Owners of farms and ag businesses.

Hi Potentials / Managers

Individuals who are aspiring to take on senior leadership or ownership.


Individuals focusing on succession or stepping back.

Farm Advisers

Farm advisers looking for personal development.

  2022 Program Dates

January 24 – April 8th, 2022


January 24 – April 8: Virtual Learning Community

March 8-10 Residency:  Victoria, BC

April – December:   Individual and monthly group coaching.


Investment:  $7900

Includes residency accommodation, meals & ground transportation from airport


Save On Tuition – Click Here


The Canada Job Grant is a federal incentive that helps reduce the costs associated with third-party training programs. Support varies from province to province. In most provinces, a business can receive up to 50-100% of eligible training costs to implement training programs that lead to improved skill sets.




The National Farm Leadership Program is eligible for up to $2500 cost-share funding for farmers in SK, MB, NB, NL, PEI, YT.
Check with your provincial Ministry of Agriculture for eligibility requirements. 

Take Charge

All applicants will have a “right fit, right now” conversation before admission.

Space is limited.

Participant Outcomes


Understand how your way of leading can be strengthened for better results.

Learn specific skills to meet your challenges.

Develop a personal strategy to increase your effectiveness.

Belong to a network to support your development.

LeaderShift – true leader development 


Designed for busy leaders who want to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.


What LeaderShift participants say

“The program improved my mental resiliency by a lot – to not just get through stressful periods, but learning how to deal with stress. I’m a better manager and leader. I’m better at communicating the things I want my farm to accomplish and including my family and employees, helping me in my ability to strategic plan for the farm and develop a clearer vision for where I want things to go. I’m more confident in decision-making and the way I interact with everyone on the farm. The program also helped me add structure to managing the farm and my team.”

Jake Leguee, Leguee Farms (SK)

“I wasn’t aware of my tendency to avoid confrontation and create distance, and how this was affecting my team. I have learned that confrontation doesn’t have to mean conflict and self awareness has opened up a whole new realm of understanding for me and everyone around me. I am now able to have more open conversations. Concerns are eased, and I feel enlightened because I have more context about situations to understand and respond more appropriately.”

Adam Gregory, Interlake Agri Ltd. (MB)

“I had the good fortune of meeting Kelly and Darrel at a conference in 2018 and after talking to them I could easily see that what LeaderShift was offering filled a major gap in training that Canadian farmers are usually offered. I started doing a deep dive into my overall management competencies in 2016 and found that production and marketing gurus were everywhere, finance coaching was readily available, but the human resource and leadership help was harder to find.  Particularly where family (farm) business is concerned, Kelly could bring personal experience and wisdom into the mix.  LeaderShift didn’t just help me professionally, it extended to my marriage and my whole family. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to up their game and be a better person to work with.”

Kent Sereda, Sereda Farms Ltd.

“As it turned out, I took LeaderShift at a good time as I was I was transitioning out of my farm business and into semi retirement. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming more self-aware, managing their anxiety and being a better communicator. Kelly and Darrel are very flexible, and were quick on their feet to adjust to the needs of the group. The experience exceeded my expectations and was worth every penny. Thank you guys.”

Darryl Toews, Alberta

“I had two previous experiences taking leadership courses, however both were a waste of time and money. Nothing got implemented because it’s too much information all at once with no systematic follow-up and support. The National Farm Leadership Program provides the opportunity to find ways to practice what we learn and keep practicing. The one-year follow-up is a tremendous value.  I now have a plan in place and have the confidence to work with my faculty team, my children, and most importantly, remind myself. I’m a happier person and more confident about my leadership and how I show up – things I would have never realized without the program.”

Andreas Boecker, Associate Professor & Chair, Dept. of Food Agricultural, and Resource Economics (FARE), University of Guelph

“LeaderShift revealed a whole new side of leadership that has never been touched on in any previous course that I have taken.  I was able to apply the principals immediately and witness the positive effects of clear communication. The leader assessment identified areas where my leadership required improvement and both the LeaderLab and residency were great ways to practice in both an individual and group setting.”

Darcelle Graham – Chief Operating Officer

“LeaderShift has been a great help in gaining a better understanding of how my leadership style impacted those around me – my core relationships and my teams – and has helped me to become a more effective leader. The work was challenging, personal and at times uncomfortable. It was sobering to discover my reactive style was stifling constructive conversations. Participating in LeaderShift was a gift and has been life changing for me.”

Ed Dornn, President/CEO, Excel–7 Ltd. 

“Participating in LeaderShift had a significant impact on my life.  In fact it was life changing.  Participating in the course work and especially the residency made me realize the potential that I had and gave me the confidence to have conversations in a way that I didn’t know I could.   LeaderShift gave me the confidence to lead our organization to the next level.”

Bonnie Pankratz – President, Axis Inspection


“After all my years in business, and dealing with all the issues of human relations, this course just made sense. On a human level we operate laterally, even though we are leaders in our respective spheres. Recognizing our own limitations and the need for “skillful transparency” as we navigate learning about others experiences and understanding our own, is so important in “Clear Leadership”. I am putting these new tools to full use!”

Roland Thiessen – Managing Partner, Westcap Group

“LeaderShift helped me realize the true price of my unhealthy work habits to myself, my team, my peers and my family. Working closely with my cohort and program coaches helped shine light on a new path forward where I am building the confidence to lead as my true, authentic self, and by doing so, empower the growth and development of those around me. I also appreciated the flexibility of the online learning community format, yet still bringing us together for a challenging and impactful residency.”

Heather Watson – Executive Director, Farm Management Canada

 Our Promise

Learning that fits your schedule.

Understand your effectiveness against a global benchmark.

Develop skills in real time, while working in your business.

Build confidence and skills to initiate conversations that address persistent problems.

Support your business/career to strategically achieve more of what matters most.

Improve your overall effectiveness and increase performance of others.

Expand your network by connecting with Ag professionals from across Canada.

Program Design

Learning that fits your schedule.

3 day residency: The highlight of the program where participants practice with their cohort – no power points or lectures.  

Build your personal development plan guided by the LeaderLab with individual coaching support. 

Regular video conferencing throughout the year to stay connected with your cohort.

Want development for your team but can’t swing both?  We can keep your team together and work with you as a group. 

Program Features


LeaderLab – learn anywhere, any time, any device – on your schedule.

Residency focused on practice and skill development.

Confidential, mobile, social learning model

Self directed development – you are the focus.

Multi faceted support model: cohort based, small learning groups, certified coach supported. 

Thorough leader assessment individually reviewed, globally benchmarked.

Take Charge