LeaderShift – Transition is designed for two (or more) leaders from the same business and of different generations or work stages who are either moving into, or already in the process of transitioning leadership within the business.

This is an exciting but challenging time – new roles, new ways of doing things, new identities.

Residency activities are focused on developing the different leadership styles of both upcoming and transitioning leaders, clarifying roles, and strengthening partnership for business continuity, and success.


  • Ten weeks inside the LeaderLab learning with your partner and your cohort means your whole leadership team can be learning with no disruption to your business.
  • Comprehensive assessment including self, peer, and world-wide bench marking. Full debrief with an accredited coach.
  • Content includes:
    • Experience – understanding what it really, where it matters most, and how crucial it is to develop
    • Partnership – Where everyone feels responsible for the success of whatever activity you are involved in.
    • Organizational Learning – Finding out what everyone really thinks, what is really going on, and leveraging the collective talents of your team to achieve more than you thought possible, with the resources you already have.
    • Coaching – How to act as both a leader and a coach.
    • Change and Transition – Understanding the difference, the process and how both leaders prepare for it differently.
  • Three day destination workshop. Combining professional development with a break from your business if you wish.



Program Date: January – March 2018

Residency: March 12 – 14



Investment:  $7900 each

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Have Questions? Want to know more? We are happy to have a one on one conversation to ensure this program is a good fit for you or your team.