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Organizations that thrive, produce results and learn at the same time. Implementing new knowledge and ways of doing things has to be done within the daily business that must be both productive and efficient among its competitors.

What kind of skill set is required to make that happen all day, every day?

This is why leader development is critical to business success.  Leader effectiveness must match the management and business growth for the organization to be sustainable. Developing a business plan is hard, making it a reality is very hard, but having it produce the positive results that makes it all worth it requires more than a plan. Without effective leadership, recurring problems begin and so does the pattern of never ending quick fixes to arrest these problems. Following this approach is a drag on resources, results and too often the mental health of those carrying the burden to make it happen. All the while, leader development is the opportunity that can leverage and achieve more with the resources you already have. No consultant or adviser can do that for you in the moment in needs to be done – only the leader can. Leadership also maximizes the results of experts by giving clear direction of what you want help with, determining if the help is actually helping, and holding them accountable to produce what was promised.

LeaderShift believes that the value of professional development is relative to the positive change it induces in its participants. Its relatively easy to provide a positive “workshop” experience, the greater question is, “will investing in professional development and advisory services positively impact the bottom line of your business, immediately and long term?”  We guarantee our results, so your work with LeaderShift is a smart investment in your future.


Creating the business and career you desire starts with gaining clarity and then defining the challenges and opportunities to make it happen.


  • Complete confidentiality – your story does not get retold.
  • We focus on you first and then your challenge or opportunity.
  • We discuss your problem and ask questions to help you fully understand yourself in the problem.
  • We offer observations and share experiences to add to your thinking.
  • We listen for gaps in thought processes and look for patterns that are impeding success.
  • We challenge you to step fully into your leadership role.
  • We help you create a course of action, and support your execution if necessary.

Connect with us

Contact us for a complimentary call to see how coaching can help you and your business succeed.  Early adopters are using coaching as a cost effective and impactful approach to success.  If you or your organization have an opportunity or challenge in front of you and are committed to succeeding, coaching is a strong fit. 

Coaching engagements are custom built for each client and may include:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 30-60 minute sessions in person, by phone, or video conference
  • Offsite – leadership team meetings or retreats
  • On call coaching – short sessions if you need real time coaching

Every engagement will have a:

  • Results based approach
  • Complete confidentiality

Coaching vs. Counselling vs. Consulting

A good question because there are important differences.

Coaching focuses on a current challenges and opportunities, and supports the client to move forward to a defined outcome created by you and your coach. This is common for senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who need confidential support in working through complex problems before taking action which may include accessing specific expertise.

Consulting is a broad description of external support but typically involves the consultant taking on project tasks, and providing expert advice or technical expertise. Lawyers and Accountants would be common professions that routinely provide specific technical analysis.

Counselling focuses on revisiting past events often focusing on emotional trauma.