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Leadership matters because it impacts every aspect of human endeavor. It governs the long term success of every individual, team, and organization regardless of how success is defined. Leadership can be developed into a competitive advantage that leverages every other personal and organizational asset.

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We create the conditions for exceptional and measurable development to occur by using peer reviewed research, technology, and proven learning models. We make learning accessible, engaging, and a competitive edge by enabling leaders to learn and perform in real time. 

What our clients are saying about us…

“The clear leader course certainly was an eye opener as far as becoming more self aware as well as being more in tune with what might be the experience of others that I interact with on a daily basis. I think I will be able to apply, with conscious effort and practice, the techniques we explored in the sessions, both in my work setting as well as other areas of life.
An added bonus and privilege of attending the sessions was meeting and in some cases reconnecting with other people in similar leadership roles as myself. It was really encouraging for me to observe everyone in the group working intentionally on improving their leadership, communication skills and effectiveness.”

Herman Lepp, M.Eng, P.Eng

Managing Partner, Springland Manufacturing

“I have discovered a few things about myself that are fascinating and may be quite useful. They may change my attitude towards the wonderful people I’m blessed to know, live and work with daily.  I’ve been enlightened and inspired and that gives me hope. Keep up the good work gentlemen and may we share some stories again soon.”

Ed Dorn

Managing Partner, Excel7 Ltd.

“After all my years in business, and dealing with all the issues of human relations, this course just made sense. On a human level we operate laterally, even though we are leaders in our respective spheres. Recognizing our own limitations and the need for “skillful transparency” as we navigate learning about others experiences and understanding our own, is so important in “Clear Leadership”. I am putting these new tools to full use!”

Roland Thiessen

Managing Partner, Westcap Group

“Managing people can be the most challenging aspect of any business operation. Kelly and Darrel have assembled a course that goes a long way in helping understand not only how these relationships work and why they can sometimes go off the rails, but also sensible methods for navigating and improving interpersonal and organizational clarity. It was an excellent course and I highly recommend it to anyone running a business.”

Doug Krokosz

Managing Partner, ProForma Engineering

“Working with LeaderShift has brought a level of understanding about who I am and who I’m not. I no longer expect others to define that for me. It has set a new level of confidence that I never had before.”

Mark Cowan

Managing Partner, Woodside Farm Partnership

“Kelly was a great help to me in working through some legacy planning issues at our farm. For 15 years we had been in a holding pattern that was costing us all time and money, and the problems seemed unsolvable. Using a methodical process and a lot of patience, Kelly enabled me to define my goals and work through issues with family members to develop a plan for us to move forward.”


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